Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!


Orchids are in full bloom at the New York Botanical Gardens and with the primaries in New York state just around the corner, talk has turned to New York values. Nothing is more New York than being opinionated and Twitter seems to be the  tool of choice for putting those opinions out there. We’re not shy in that department and have had a lot of fun tweeting ourselves silly during the many presidential debates and town halls, and will continue to do so unabashedly.

The Perfect Candidate is doing well and has generated a lot of buzz in the media. We will be updating this website soon with all the coverage. We are also planning a big push to reactivate IndiaWrites’s role in translation of South Asian literature, as well as in continued support of organizations like Kiva and International Rescue Committee, and in contributing to new noteworthy charities.

Meanwhile, enjoy the great weather and the flowers that come with it!


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