Malala’s Fund: Educating girls

Malala’s Fund: Educating girls




IndiaWrites Publishers Inc., our non-profit 501(c)(3) publishing company, has contributed the latest set of royalties from Spy, Interrupted to Malala’s fund.

Those of you who’ve read  Spy, Interrupted: The Waiting Wife  (2014) will recall that the heroine, Nina, is an ardent advocate of making education accessible to girls all across the world. In fact, that’s what made the hero fall in love with her 😉

Girls’ education is very much in the zeitgeist right now. Malala Yousafzai addressed the UN Assembly on September 25, appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and has been a tireless advocate. Now, Mrs. Michelle Obama has added her clout to the US government-wide Let Girls Learn initiative with the 62MillionGirls campaign.

I can personally vouch for how critical education has been in determining the course of my life. Here is hoping that children all over the world will have access to good education by the end of this decade!







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