Department of literary causes

Department of literary causes




Our not-for-profit publishing company, IndiaWrites Publishers Inc., was set up in 2006 to support literary causes. One of our primary goals was to make it a platform for supporting non-English writers in India through high quality translations of their works into English. This would give the authors  greater exposure and most importantly give coverage to a writing oeuvre that is still not fully appreciated world wide. However, we realized early on that raising funds for non-humanitarian causes, particularly something so introspective and non-visual as literature, was very difficult. So we decided to fund it ourselves.

Meanwhile, thanks to the publication of “1947 Santoshabad Passenger and Other Stories” which was our first translation of contemporary Telugu fiction, and “Spy, Interrupted: The Waiting Wife”, which was an original work of fiction, we’ve learned a lot about the publishing process. We intend to use our experience  to revive our translation activities.

IndiaWrites will use proceeds from sales of our original Spy, Interrupted series to fund our translation efforts and support humanitarian organizations–we’ve already donated to Kiva and International Rescue Committee–as well as  those that support the fine arts. You can read about it on our giving page.

Thanks to all of you who have supported our cause!




Jumma, a collection of short stories by award winning Telugu writer, Vempalle Shareef, was translated into English by Dasu Krishnamoorthy, and published in June 2015 by Prism Publishers in India.



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